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I'm Jessie, the best bitch you will ever meet. Part of Team Rocket with James and that Meowth thing.

Meowth Pokemon


You carry off the wet look rather well…

Oh… Thanks?

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Hahaha, never looked better.

Are you being serious, Oak?

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He furrowed his brow and bent his lips downward. “I’ve bitched about it often enough.”

Jessie shrugged. “Doesn’t mean I was listening.”

alexawoodsxoxo-deactivated20120 sent: Giovanni's threatened me. I'm not scared though.

I think you should be.


“As appealing as it may be, at times, “  he mumbled  “, I have enough going against me.”

"Oh really? Like what?"

alexawoodsxoxo-deactivated20120 sent: ... I guess I did quit.

Awww, was it too tough for you?

What did Giovanni say though… I’ve never known anyone to quit.


“Uhhh,” he winced “, It’s not that I was on your side, I just used to find some of your events entertaining…” Mostly versus Ash, since it did make that boy train a little and actually focus on strategy.

Jessie gave a small chuckle. “Oh come on, Gary. I know you’ve probably thought of joining us before, so why not give it a try?” She smiled and pulled out a business card from her skirt’s pocket, holding her arm out straight and handing him it.

alexawoodsxoxo-deactivated20120 sent: You don't control me anymore.

Oh, did you quit?

Such a shame.


“I guess that’s a good thing,” he shrugged “, I wouldn’t put myself through half the crap you’re made to do if I didn’t get much out of it.”

Jessie couldn’t help but let a slight smirk curl on her lips. “Why don’t you join us, Oak? I know you’ve always been on our side.”